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Alibaba Cloud Showcases Self-Designed Server CPU With 128 ARM Cores – Computer – News

Alibaba Cloud has unveiled the Yitian 710, a server processor designed by Alibaba Group chip developer T-Head. It is Arm CPU with 128 cores, support for DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. Alibaba Cloud will use CPUs in its data centers.

The Yitian 710 is manufactured on an undisclosed 5nm process and achieves speeds of up to 3.2GHz, Writes Ali Baba Cloud. It is an Arm processor based on the Armv9 architecture, with eight DDR5 memory channels and 96 PCIe 5.0 slots. The processor consists of sixty billion transistors.

According to the Chinese company, the Arm server processor achieved a score of 440 in SPECint2017. The manufacturer claims that the performance is 20 percent better than others state of the art Arm server processors and that the chip is 50 percent more efficient. Alibaba does not show concrete comparisons with other processors.

Alibaba Group will use Yitian 710 on its owned Panjiu servers. With its Arm processor, the Chinese data center giant follows Amazon, which is the same Graviton-socs They build for their own AWS data centers. These are also arm processors. Ali Baba is already made by herself neural processing unit for artificial intelligence calculations. who – which Hanguang 800-npu It was announced in 2019.

Moreover, Alibaba Group gives design file XuanTie cores free. These are cores based on the RISC-V architecture. By making this open source, the company hopes that specialized chips will be designed by third parties for applications such as network equipment, gateways, and edge servers. T-Head, Alibaba’s chip division, said it had already delivered 2 billion chips with XuanTie cores by the end of 2020. They can be found in security cameras and smart home products, among other things.

Yitian 710-processor van Alibaba Cloud
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