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Vincent van Gogh in the podcast Psychopathology |  Bill and Mass

Vincent van Gogh in the podcast Psychopathology | Bill and Mass

On Blue Monday, the bleakest day of the year, KRO-NCRV will launch the podcast of the psychological epidemic with NPO Radio 1.

Journalist Tom Veldhuijzen delves into the world of mental health care and investigates the consequences of two years of the coronavirus pandemic on the mental state of the Netherlands. It’s in the news almost daily: The mental consequences of coronavirus are significant, affecting a large number of different groups, and will undoubtedly continue to have an impact for a long time to come. According to CBS, the number of young people with mental health issues has risen from 12 percent before the pandemic to 24 percent now.

“When Tom approached us to participate in this podcast, we said ‘yes’ wholeheartedly. It became a beautiful and valuable insight into the world of mental health,” says director Rene Adriancy of Vincent van Gogh’s Venray. You become mentally more flexible.”

Veldhuijzen starts at the GGZ site in Venray, a center that offers a wide range of treatment for young adults, adults and seniors. From basic mental health care to highly specialized treatments. He talks instantly with patients and treats staff from various departments, and tests the impact of COVID-19 on treatments and on patients’ minds. Hay also undergoes a number of treatments on her own. How is his mental state two years after the pandemic? In his own environment he saw many people suffering, and something very violent happened to one of his housemates. How do experts think he got past this?

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In this podcast, the journalist is also actively looking for ways to become more mentally flexible in all the conversations he has. What else can we do to beat the mental epidemic?

The podcast Psychological Epidemic can be heard from Monday 17 January at KRO-NCRV on NPO 1 Radio via the link