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Studio 100 also focuses on Qmusic and Joe

Studio 100 also focuses on Qmusic and Joe


Studio 100 has submitted an appeal to the State Council on the radio file. In addition to recognizing competitor Nostalgie, licenses to DPG’s Qmusic and Joe channels are also being targeted. to write the time Tuesday.

At the beginning of February, Flemish Information Minister Benjamin Dahl (CD&V) granted the three licenses available to channels Qmusic and Joe (both DPG Media) and Nostalgie (Mediahuis) after extensive procedure. Studio 100 fell by the wayside with Project Spring.

Studio 100 doesn’t stop there and has sent a recorded letter to Flemish Information Minister Benjamin Dahl (CD&V). In it, the media company of Hans Borlon and Geert Verholst questioned the recognition of the Nostalgie radio station.

According to them, the nostalgia can never be evaluated because the file goes against the terms of recognition of the media decree, which states that a national station must “broadcast at least four newscasts per day, which are provided by its own editorial team consisting mainly of professional journalists.”

Minister D’s government did not follow up on the letter. In an effort to get its own national channel, the entertainment company goes to the State Council.

Aside from the potential intrinsic problems with the Nostalgie file, Studio 100 also defends against the granting procedure itself. As a result, licenses for the DG Qmusic and Joe channels are also being discussed. If the State Council determines that the procedure has actually gone wrong, it must be completely reconstructed.

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Minister Dalle takes note of the three appeals. “The minister’s decision is well-founded and will be defended before the State Council,” his spokesman said on Tuesday.