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Volkswagen releases software update that allows the electric vehicle to function as a home battery – Image and Sound – News

To your last point… This is because many politicians/policy makers are not engineers. They have no knowledge of this kind of topics.

And also the reason why our current system is unable to adequately solve contemporary (complex) problems…

LFP with V2g is really cool.

People are all demanding charging cycles. With a limited charging current and if you keep it between 40 and 80%, you can really get thousands of charging cycles. Much more than using it as a water tank (many people want to use it as a water tank because they are used to a fuel tank): as in loading it fully, emptying it fully and then filling it fully again. This is the real way to get your NMC battery to the landfill as quickly as possible.

If you charge and discharge with 3-5 kW (average current in a household), it will last a very long time, because you are not pulling a large amount of coulombs from that battery. Driving on the highway is much more than that.

Stop spreading fear is my message to the common public, give me this V2G very quickly.

The ID.3 is good, but really a Volkswagen; Make sure it is able to tow a trailer. What’s a golf swing when you can’t pull anything with it? Can’t Jan in the hat with his trailer fricandle make his own move?

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