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watchOS 8.0.1 with bug fixes is now available

watchOS 8.0.1 with bug fixes is now available

watchOS 8.0.1 is available for the Apple Watch. The update contains bug fixes. There are also security upgrades. Read here how to install the update.

Read on after the announcement.

watchOS 8.0.1 is now available

Apple occasionally releases minor updates to your Apple Watch to ensure that the watch can be used safely and smoothly. So it is important to install these updates as soon as possible.

watchOS 8.0.1 fixes some minor bugs. The update primarily targets Apple Watch Series 3. A number of Series 3 users have complained about an issue with accessibility settings. Also, the progress of software updates may not be clearly displayed.

Download watchOS 8.0.1

There are two ways to update your Apple Watch: via your iPhone and directly via the Apple Watch itself. Below you can read how to apply both methods.

Update watchOS via je iPhone

  1. Use your paired iPhone;
  2. go to the my watch and then general;
  3. tap on system update and wait for the update to download;
  4. Connect your Apple Watch to the charger and wait for the update to install.

Keep your paired iPhone close to your Apple Watch or else the update process will fail. The update may take more than an hour. So patience is definitely a virtue. You can only complete the installation with your Apple Watch on the charger. So keep this in mind.

Updaten directly via Apple Watch

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch;
  2. go to the general and then system update;
  3. Your Apple Watch will now check for a watchOS update;
  4. Click download;
  5. Connect your Apple Watch to the charger and the installation will start automatically.
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