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This is the new material you design for the Google Play Store

This is the new material you design for the Google Play Store

Google announced Android 12 early this month, and this Android release includes the new version of Material You. Google is also quickly adapting its apps to work with this new design, and now it’s the Play Store’s turn.

wat is your stuff?

Android 12 It features a brand new design called material you. This design is a modified version of the current Material Design language announced in 2014, and according to Google, it’s all about the user. As a user, you can use the interface Android 12 Set the background colors you set or choose the colors yourself. Among other things, the file hour, Tools and Quick Settings will inherit those colors.

On Android 12 Pixel phones, you can view and customize themes by going to Institutions > background and style Togo. You can also long press on the home screen to access these options. In this article Do you read what you like material you can expect and In this article You’ll discover that Gmail, Google Photos, Keep, and Google Assistant, among others, have now been modified. Now early Android phone owners will also see the Play Store in Material You style.

Google Play Store article you style

The Play Store is slowly rolling out with the new material you’re designing, and today Google has given this release a nudge in the right direction. This is evident from the various tips that Android he have. Below you can see a number of screenshots of the revamped App Store.

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Google Play Store article you style

You can see that the Play Store has acquired the material that you design with familiar curves, including dynamic colors. In addition, the bottom navigation bar has been enlarged and now includes buttons shaped like dials. Unfortunately, the new design has not yet been implemented in the entire app as it is limited to the home screen. So it’s a work in progress, but you can also see it as half-baked work by Google.

When will I get the new Play Store?

To kick-start the functionality, Google uses what’s called server testing, in which the (partial) material you build for the Play Store runs remotely for phones running Android 12. It’s not yet seen on current Pixel phones. Can you really see the material you’re designing for the Play Store? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.