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Weekend Weather: Sunny Saturday Room, Lots of Rain on Sunday - Weblog Zwolle

Weekend Weather: Sunny Saturday Room, Lots of Rain on Sunday – Weblog Zwolle

Zwolle – Eunice disappeared on Saturday in the Far East. Stormwind no longer has to put up with Zwolle, but you can hardly call it calm. Wind strength 4 to 5 from the west, moderate to moderately strong winds.

Well, that’s a lot less rough than it was on Friday. Early Saturday morning, high winds may move over the city. After that, the chance of dry weather increases. Rain will remain on the bay until Saturday evening. The sun pierces the hectic clouds. The afternoon temperature is around 7 degrees. There was a break in rain from the southwest on Saturday evening. Heavy showers coming into Zwolle, possibly with hail. There is still a chance to take a shower at night.

Sunday is a very wet day. The clouds are thick and full of rainwater that wants to get out. The 24-hour volume is calculated from 15 to 20 liters per square meter for Zwolle. Mercury rises to 10 degrees. Winds will rise in the afternoon and evening: a strength of 5 from the southwest with a chance of wind. Extreme values ​​of about 90 kilometers per hour are possible around midnight.

Monday is also turbulent. Disturbance hits Zwolle from the northwest with heavy rain. West to northwest winds are very strong and gusty, and may turn yellow due to strong gusts.

In the new week comes the going and turbulence of the ocean with rain and wind. Wednesday is probably the exception, dry and fairly calm with room for sun.