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Wendy teleurgesteld in reactie Van Ark: 'Geen enkele compassie'

Wendy was disappointed in Van Ark’s response: ‘Absolutely no mercy’

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PVV asks parliamentary questions about intimate photos to send to the health insurance company

Answer from coffin

In her answer, Van Ark defends the Menzis method. It indicates that cosmetics bTreatments are not included in the basic package. To perform plastic surgery, the health insurance company must “in all cases give prior authorization, so that it can be established whether entitlement to basic insurance is justified.”

The minister stressed that the exchange of data and images for the evaluation should take place “with great respect and privacy.” ‘IEspecially when it comes to repair surgery for breast reconstruction.

That’s why this type of data should be exchanged in a secure environment between the health care provider and the health insurance company. As a result, the insured person is taxed only as little as possible.”

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doctor chair

Van Ark: “The health care provider is responsible for completing the application, including any images.”

Menzies says photos are increasingly missing from the app. VGZ also confirms this. Van Ark writes that if the practitioner does not send it with them, the insurer is still legally obligated to check the request for legality. Then it is requested from the insured himself.

Ajima states in her written question that insurance companies “sit in the treating physician’s chair”. Van Ark does not think so: “Such procedures are not related to the evaluation of treatment […]. It prevents unsecured care. With a permit, the insured gets in advance a clarification on whether health care costs will be reimbursed.”

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“Consider the Actions”

Menzis has already said that, based on Wendy’s experience, he is “refocusing” on agreements with health care providers and is investigating whether they should be recorded more clearly. In contracts with health care providers. Menzis also checks if this is possible Include a consent statement from the patient/insured party in the application process.

Van Ark agrees: “I will also ask other health insurers to review their procedures regarding image sharing in the context of licensing and bring it to the attention of healthcare providers.”

You can find the full answer from Secretary Tamara Van Ark Here.

“Zach Irene”

Wendy describes Van Ark’s response as “very disappointing”. “She uses a lot of words to say ‘These are the rules.’ No mercy, no movement. Just indulge in.”

I was hoping the minister would say, “Maybe we should look at this.” Don’t capture all of plastic surgery under one hat, and don’t generalize, but look at the person behind the application. If it’s about someone with breast cancer, you don’t have to be too picky about it. Breast cancer is related to your intimate organs. I think it’s a little different if you have to send a picture of your hand or your eyes than a picture of your breasts.”

Wendy has now had two discussions with a Menzis doctor and will submit a new request for fat mobilization – no pictures. “The Menzis resident will look again.”

“Of course I hope for myself that my operation will be approved and I look more comfortable. But most of all, I hope that it will change for women after me, that no one has to go through this anymore. And that the distinction between man and woman disappears here too. No. Men have to send in a picture of the scrotum if they want to rebuild after testicular cancer.This is not ‘indicated’.

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Floor Ajima

Fleur Ajima told that she was deeply shocked by Van Ark’s reaction. “In a time full of gender nonsense, it is the Minister who gives such dishonest answers to Parliamentary questions,” she wrote on Twitter. So it has not finished it and will soon include it in the discussion on the base package.

Wendy: “That’s cute. It’s not my party, but I’m glad someone is taking care of this.”

Ajima tweeted that she was “so sad” about Van Ark’s reaction: