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Weyts Announces Teachers Start Getting Paid Faster Instagram VTM News

Weyts Announces Teachers Start Getting Paid Faster Instagram VTM News

More than 8,300 junior teachers will receive a rapid increase in wages that can amount to about 50 euros more per month. This was announced by the Flemish Education Minister Ben Waits. This is part of the collective action agreement the educational partners entered into last year.

In the past, young teachers had to reach a minimum age to qualify for the first raise. That means they often had to complete their first year without building seniority in salary, according to Waits. When negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement last year, the educational partners decided to abolish this rule.

“Once again we are making it more attractive to start a career in education,” Waits said. “Novice teachers deserve to gain additional certainty and recognition more quickly.”

Concretely, 8,334 teachers will now receive their first salary increase in the previous year, which can amount to about €50 net per month. It appears that early teachers have already seen an increase in wages with wages being paid in February.

This is one of the measures to attract more young beginners into education and keep more novices in education. “There is no magic bullet that immediately eliminates the teacher shortage, so we are taking many measures on many fronts,” Waits said. “Too many teachers have left education in their first five years of schooling in the classroom. This outflow is now beginning to decline and we want to reduce it further. Among other things, by having teachers build seniority immediately, thus offering an increase in first salary. More quickly. This is also a token of appreciation.”

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