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Why are Tesla cars no longer allowed in the car washes of this German city |  Leader

Why are Tesla cars no longer allowed in the car washes of this German city | Leader

Tesla drivers don’t find it easy in Oldenburg, Germany. Many gas stations have banned Elon Musk-branded cars from entering for fear of faulty cars.

According to the famous German news magazine ‘Tern’ This is because there have been many issues recently with tailgates that opened automatically during cleaning. Older Model S and X vehicles are said to have been particularly affected. These cars do not have a so-called “car wash mode”.

car wash mode

The Model 3 and later Model Y received an update last year, so these models usually have that update. The car wash mode ensures that all windows and doors are closed. Also, the monitoring mode and parking sensors are disabled. If the car wash mode is missing or not turned on, this can lead to damage, for example to the tailgate or windshield wipers.

No brushes, no cloth

Tesla isn’t crazy about car wash at all. So the warranty doesn’t cover damage from washing, according to Stern. According to Opinion Magazine, Tesla advises against washing the car with brushes and fabrics and is asking owners to opt for a “contactless car wash.” As a result of the numerous allegations, car washes at Raiffeisen filling stations in and around Oldenburg in particular have chosen to boycott all Teslas cars.

Open the lid by touching the brush

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This could have been done for their own safety, because although customers were reassured that the car was locked after washing, in many cases there was water leakage. In many cases, the culprit was an open valve that might have opened when brushing or touching the rags. Still other electric cars are welcome in car washes. Tesla could not be reached for comment.

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