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Why do we have to wait for iPhone 15 to see real innovation

The next batch of iPhones may not be as exciting as hoped. Apple may have opted for a new strategy that makes the iPhone 14 an exceptional release, but not for good reasons. The latest smartphones from Apple will not have improvements. Even worse, some models will look (very) harsh on the 2021 versions.

Although the official presentation of New iPhones It’s still several months away, and there are already many rumors circulating about New high-tech tools† Rumors like this are always circulating, but their content is rather amazing this time around.

There is talk that Apple will make a stronger distinction between entry-level models and range pros. The mini model – which never managed to catch up with the audience – will be dropped. Instead, there will be a maxi version of the base model.

Different slide for each type

Rumor has it that the best versions of iPhone 14 . range You have a better handler. It will be equipped with an A16 Bionic chip. On the other hand, the base models will be equipped with the A15 Bionic chip, which is very close to the current iPhone 13 capacity.

This strategy could be criticized an AppleThe company allegedly made changes to the A15 Bionic to prevent this. The tech giant is also said to be planning to give the real new A16 Pro chip its own name. The reason for this is simply due to the shortage of electronic chips that the world has been facing for months. The latter will also negatively affect iPhone prices.

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This isn’t the first time Apple has taken such an approach. Also with the fifth generation of iPhones, the company has already installed different processors in the different models. For example, the iPhone 5S has the power of the A7 chip, while the iPhone 5C runs on the A6 model.

The start of a more important adjustment

In addition, Apple will make other changes to the new iPhone, but they are probably more trivial and not revolutionary in themselves. For example, there is talk of a thicker block of images, which suggests that Apple can improve this part of the device, but nothing is certain.

The real change will be on the front of the phone, near the notch or ‘notch’. It will change the shape. The notch will still be there, but in a more discreet way. Rumor has it that Apple will adopt a “pill” shape, with a hole punch that houses the front camera, Face ID and TrueDepth sensors.

However, this mod is again for Pro models only. In addition to expanding the iPhone 14 to the maximum size, the launch of the new Apple smartphone may be very disappointing. People will buy a huge model to enjoy better innovations, or wait a year longer to buy a new iPhone.

Finally, it could be the iPhone 14 empty portal to be. That’s what rumors are anyway. Apple has never made any secret that it wants to remove ports from the iPhone and this could happen in 2022.

The real disappearance of the notch is for the iPhone 15

Basically looking forward to 2023, the iPhones that Apple will be collecting that year already seem to be a lot more interesting. There is talk that the transition from a notch to partial removal with a hole is a precursor to the complete disappearance of the notch on the iPhone 15.

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The Cupertino company could already turn to a Samsung rival — the two companies have been working together for years, Samsung supplies panels to Apple — to get the camera, face ID and the like under the iPhone 15 display.

Apple can also turn to LG Display, another former partner of the company, to remove the notch from the iPhone.

It remains to be seen whether the 2023 series will adopt the same strategy as the 2022 products. So whether the entry-level models will be content with a recycled chip, while the Pro models will enjoy all the improvements, including a more powerful, but above all under-display camera.


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