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Wout van Aert Honors in Herentals and Lille: Kempenaar … (Herentals)

Wout van Aert Honors in Herentals and Lille: Kempenaar … (Herentals)


The celebration of cyclist Wout van Aert, after his first year ever, began on a Sunday afternoon in Lille: the commune in which Van Aert spent his childhood. At Goetschalckx’s house, adjacent to the town hall, Wout and his family were given a reception and some gifts.

Mayor Marilyn Peters (N-VA) had been researching Wout van Aert’s palms and could not help but conclude that this is impressive. “We have now forgiven you for accidentally crossing the municipal border with the Herentals when you had built a house,” the mayor joked. Wout noted that he still feels Lillenaar, too.

Mayor Peters sums up Woot’s victories once again © Mark Peters

To ensure that Lille could never disappear from Wout, the rider was given a basket of regional produce. “We also put an apron in a basket for George with the Lille municipality logo and the text ‘Ik zen hi geire’.

George, who, as the firstborn in the Van Aert-De Bie family, already had a few official business in attendance, immediately fulfilled his task of taking a closer look at the gifts.

Record a video message to the masses.

Record a video message to the masses. © Mark Peters

Wout van Aert was not allowed to leave until he left a video message for his fans. They are not invited to the reception by the local government, but the city council and fan club invite everyone to return to the parish center in Lille after the Wout party at the Grote Markt in Herentals, where there are free drinks.

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