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You can expect this inconvenience on the track

You can expect this inconvenience on the track

What trains will run?

The new 48-hour strike by two unions at Infrabel, NMBS and HR Rail, begins from Tuesday at 10pm until Thursday. Commuters can only expect normal train movement again from Friday morning.

Leadership through strike action Wednesday Only three out of five trains are IC. In addition, two out of five L trains and S commuter trains will be running. P trains — trains that run during morning and evening peak hours — rarely run at all.

also Thursday There will be an alternative train service. This service may be slightly different in some areas compared to Wednesday. Accordingly, the nuisance may be greater in one province than in another.

The latest update on Wednesday morning shows that three out of five IC trains will run on Thursday. Furthermore, two out of five S and L trains will run, but most of the P trains will not run again.

How can I plan my trip?

Travelers are advised to consult the itinerary from the day before departure Via the website Or via the NMBS application. Train service can be modified during the day. The trip planner provides the most up-to-date information.

“Based on employees indicating they will work, alternative train service will be provided on each strike day,” NMBS said. “The replacement train service for Wednesday can be consulted from Tuesday morning via the NMBS Online Travel Planner, via the app or website. For Thursday, this can be done from Wednesday morning.

What does NMBS say about strikes?

The three railway companies said they condemned the new strike and “regretted its impact on passengers.” NMBS management describes the action taken by ACOD Spoor and VSOA Spoor as “completely unacceptable and irresponsible”, “primarily with regard to train passengers”.

The Christian union ACV Transcom has withdrawn its strike notice. The socialist and liberal unions decided to strike for 48 hours. The three unions previously suspended their work from the evening of Tuesday, 7 to the evening of Thursday, November 9, due to dissatisfaction with the progress of negotiations on internal reforms.

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