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You will get this in all banks from December

You will get this in all banks from December

Like many other banks, Beobank will also increase interest on savings accounts from next month. However, it is the first bank to offer a savings interest rate of more than 3 percent. As of December 1, ING is already offering 3 percent interest, although the monthly deposit into the Tempo Savings account is limited to 500 euros.

Now Beobank matches this with the Step Up Savings Account. Some conditions apply here as well. For example, only €750 can be deposited into the account each month and the money must remain there for at least a year to benefit from the high interest rate. After all, it is mainly the fidelity premium (1.85%) that is considered high, and the base interest rate is much lower at 1.25%.

the Prime interest rate It is calculated for each day that the amount is in your account. The bank can also change the interest rate every day. the Loyalty reward Plus, but it’s only earned in the amounts you leave in your savings account for a year. The interest rate is determined for twelve months from the day after the deposit.

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interest on Classic savings account from Beobank also increases, but remains limited to a total of 1 percent. to Savings account for youth For those who are not yet 27 years old, the base interest rate rises from 0.25 to 0.40 percent and the Fidelity Premium from 0.75 to 1.7 percent, for a total of 2.1 percent interest. The Fidelity Plus savings account keeps the Fidelity premium stable at 0.75 percent, but the prime interest rate rises to 0.45 percent.

Check out the overview below to see what interest other banks are offering on all their different savings accounts as of December:

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