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The European Comprehensive Electricity Organization warns of energy shortages  local

The European Comprehensive Electricity Organization warns of energy shortages local

European electricity sector association Eure Electric warns that European electricity grids cannot keep up with the rapid expansion of renewable energy on the continent.

According to Leonard Birnbaum, Chairman and CEO of Eurelectric, power grids in more and more regions in Europe are reaching their maximum capacity. “The power grid is increasingly becoming a bottleneck,” says the chairman.

The result is that sustainable energy projects, among others, are in the queue to be connected to the grid. According to Birnbaum, grid operators are “burdened with connection requests” from energy producers, such as wind and solar suppliers.

According to Brussels estimates, investments in the electricity network worth 584 billion euros are needed annually until 2030 to achieve green goals. It is not known exactly who should pay for this. Some of it will likely be paid for by increased network rates.

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Euroelectric presented its annual “Energy Barometer” on Thursday. “We need more lines, more digitalisation, and more ‘climate resilience’ to prepare our grids for ‘net zero’. This requires a different regulatory approach. Grid operators must be able We need to make proactive investments so we can start preparing for greater electrification.” “Europe needs widespread electrification to break out of Putin’s grip. But in a society that relies more on electricity, electricity must be reliable for everyone.

For Belgium, the Association of Electricity Producers and Suppliers, February, the Association of Belgian Electricity and Gas Companies, is a member of Euro Electric. The European Sector Association represents more than 3,500 players active in energy production, distribution and supply.

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