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Z-Air welcomes new flights from the US

Z-Air welcomes new flights from the US

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Z-Air welcomes new flights from the US

Willemstad – In Curacao, Z-Air received its new Saab aircraft from the United States on Tuesday afternoon. The addition of this Saab 340B+ model strengthens the company's existing fleet, many of which are already in operation.

Rene Winkel, director of Z-Air, had earlier expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Saab aircraft serving various destinations. With 34 seats on board, these planes offer passengers considerable space.

The aircraft completed the last leg of its journey from Miami to Curacao on Tuesday, where it and its crew were warmly welcomed by colleagues from the airline.

Future extensions

From conversations with Z-Air plans to further expand its fleet with the aim of increasing operational efficiency. However, the company is yet to reveal detailed information about these plans.


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