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A valuable record: "Lord of the Rings" from Amazon costs 339 million euros for one season only  TV

A valuable record: “Lord of the Rings” from Amazon costs 339 million euros for one season only TV

TVAmazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series appears to be coming at a lower price than it is reported. For just one season of the series, the channel paid 465 million dollars, which is about 339 million euros.

The creators of the series may also have defeated a dragon with a mountain full of gold, just like in ‘The Hobbit’, because such an expensive first season is so exceptional for a fictional show. According to Hollywood Reporter, this is a record. This is good news for fans of the franchise, as it likely means no expense has been spared to make it a success. In comparison, Game of Thrones, the most popular fantasy series in the world to date, costs around $ 100 million (€ 83 million) per season. This is much less.

The amount was disclosed in an official report from the New Zealand government. “Of course we think that’s a great thing,” said Stuart Nash, the minister for economic development. “This will be the greatest TV series ever, and they record everything in our country! This will do wonders for tourism.” For years, the country has attracted visitors who want to see landscapes from previous “Lord of the Rings” movies, because they were also filmed there.

The new detached series will count around five seasons in total, and thus easily cost $ 1 billion by the end of the journey. So it looks like Amazon is ready to delve into this venture. Or maybe they got this legendary dragon after all?

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This is the most expensive TV series in the world

1. “The Lord of the Rings” from Amazon, the new record holder.

2. Disney + Marvel series (such as “WandaVision” and “Falcon & The Winter Soldier” cost more than $ 25 million ($ 20.8 million) per episode.

3. HBO’s The Pacific – $ 20 million ($ 16.7 million) for episode

4. HBO’s Game of Thrones – Over $ 15 million ($ 12.5 million) per episode

5. Disney + The Mandalorian – Approximately $ 15 million ($ 12.5 million) per episode

Searching for gold in “The Hobbit”. © Photo News