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A woman and millions of bitcoins are missing

Ruja Ignatova, known as “Cryptoqueen,” was once the face of one of the largest cryptocurrency scams in history. But years ago, she suddenly disappeared from the radar, leaving behind her husband, Björn Strel. He became entangled in a web of questions and speculation.

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The relationship between Roja and Bjorn: from wealth to fulfillment

Ruja Ignatova was the driving force behind OneCoin, a pyramid scheme that pretends to be a legitimate cryptocurrency and alternative to Bitcoin (BTC). In the end, this scam allegedly stole up to $4 billion in customer funds. It promised its investors mountains of gold, and millions of people around the world were seduced by the charismatic displays and promises made by Ignatova, among others. But while she was in the spotlight as the founder of the Mint, her husband, Björn Sterhl, remained unsuspecting for a long time.

However, that changed when Roja suddenly disappeared in 2017. Although she was last seen in Athens, since then numerous rumors have spread about her whereabouts, ranging from Dubai to Thailand. During this period of uncertainty and speculation, her husband, Strel, has also come under scrutiny. According to recent reports From CNN His properties in Frankfurt and other cities were raided. It is clear that the European authorities are increasing their pressure not only on Ignatova but also on her close family and relationships. Ignatova is even on the most wanted list of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It’s interesting to think about the dynamic that existed between the pair during OneCoin’s heyday. Was Strel fully aware of the extent of the fraud? Did he play an active role in the company or was he arrested in the wake of Roja’s disappearance?

The end of the OneCoin era

However, amidst all the reports and analysis surrounding OneCoin, Ruja and Bjorn’s story remains one of the most interesting aspects. There is no doubt that their relationship, intertwined with one of the largest cryptocurrency scams ever, will continue to raise questions and fascinate. What brought them together, and what might divide them? And perhaps more importantly, where did the millions of cryptocurrencies go? We may never get answers to these questions.

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