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Action Notice: Hot days coming?  Supplying a mobile air conditioner with a hose

Action Notice: Hot days coming? Supplying a mobile air conditioner with a hose

Although the summer of 2021 won’t be mentioned in the books as a season with high temperatures and little rain, we’ve had days when the mercury hovered around 25 degrees. Previous summers have taught us that it can also get tropically warm in Brabant with regular heat waves. When those warm days arrive, you’re looking forward to a great day in the water or on the water. Or you prefer staying indoors in a cool house, while you can do some administrative tasks in peace.

And when the summer temperatures in the Netherlands rise, they are already rising. You want to pass those days well and comfortably. It is best to do this if you purchase a portable air conditioner with a hose. You don’t have to close the curtains to block out the sun’s heat and then sit inside in the dark. the Portable air conditioner with hose Ensures that the entire room can be cooled to a temperature of 16 degrees.

Do you want to cool your home effectively?

One of the main advantages of the portable hose air conditioner is that it is mobile. With the wheels underneath, you can easily move the device from one room to another, and the compact model is easy to lift to another floor. Do you have to work at home today in the attic or have a barbecue in the kitchen to get ready for tonight? At least you don’t have to work in the heat with a portable air conditioner with a hose at your side.

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And to be able to focus well while working or sleep peacefully at night in a cool room, buy Silent portable air conditioner in a. If you have warm nights and like to use a portable air conditioner, you may be able to sleep well on the monotonous sound. But if that bothers you, a silent portable air conditioner is ideal for cooling a room without causing any inconvenience.

Select the cooling capacity of your portable air conditioner

And how do you know if the portable air conditioner you are considering is powerful enough to cool the entire room? For this you have the cooling capacity of a portable air conditioner, which is expressed in British Thermal Unit (BTU). It calculates the average size of the rooms in your home or the room where the portable air conditioner is most often located. For every cubic meter you need a cooling capacity of 100 to 135 BTU. So with the dimensions you have of the rooms, you can decide if you want a 9000 BTU portable air conditioner or an air conditioner Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU Purchases.

Get a portable air conditioner with a hose now

Does the weather forecast predict warm weather and do you want to stay cool? Beat the high temperatures with a portable air conditioner with a hose. While you first go out to enjoy the nice weather, turn on the portable air conditioner to cool it from the inside. This way you come home to a fresh, refreshing room. Decide on the style you need for your room and order the Hose Portable Air Conditioner for the perfect summer.

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