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Al-Zaeem Union, without progressing, gives Eupen 4 goals and the sixth loss in a row  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Al-Zaeem Union, without progressing, gives Eupen 4 goals and the sixth loss in a row Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Man of the match: Cameron Puertas was his creative self in Dowden Park. Two assists, one brilliant, and a fantastic pre-assist. No one expected it last season, but the Swiss is the ultimate tough guy.

Key moment: Double kick from Union knocks Eupen to the mat in half an hour. Nelson opened the scoring, and four minutes later Puertas and Rasmussen scored a stunning second goal. The match has already been played, without the Union having to exert much effort.

distinct: Ain, Zoe, Polizzi. Three times in a row it was Germans against Germans on the bench. Messi was always a blessing to the Union side, in front of him were Jurgen Klopp, Thorsten Fink and today Florian Caulfeldt.

Multiplication (2): It took Amora three minutes to score again. The Algerian speed demon is a new phenomenon for the federation, which continues its success in attracting amazing talent.

Like colts suffering from winter sickness, the Federals ran through Joseph Marin territory after a weekend without competitive football. The first fifteen minutes of home team pressure were absolutely stifling for Eupen, but there were no chances.

Special guest Teddy Teuma saw that his children were very enthusiastic.

About half an hour in, the chances presented themselves, and with the first two big chances it was a prize. Nelson Labussin’s header gave him space to dribble, reach the back line and pass powerfully. There the Swede was centrally prepared for entry. He honored his deceased compatriots with two fingers during the attack in Brussels. Yellow and blue for yellow and blue.

Suddenly Eubin saw himself cornered with speed, and Puertas rolled his opponent back step by step. Rasmussen found a great heel that defeated Slonina with an outside foot.

After the break, Union kept the visitors under control without any problems, but often missed Isaac Nuhu. No problem in the end, because the Ghanaian’s eyebrow broke today. Three big chances, not a single shot on target.

Puertas hit the post at the other end, and Vanhoutte’s goal hit the crossbar was disallowed by VAR for (arguably) Machida being offside.

Then the hungry unionists had to wait out Gomorrah time for a third time. The Algerian rocket ran deep after a brilliant cross from Puertas and scored his sixth goal of the season.

A silent Eupen finally got on the scoreboard after a corner kick and a header from Palsson, but he didn’t even get a minute to enjoy the save. Sadiqi and Kabangu felt that the three-point difference was more appropriate.

Substitute Nathan Pitomasala also received a bright red card for emptying the cup to its bottom.

All in all, an evening of work for Leon who will not be entirely happy with the match. Just before the end, Nelson had to leave due to injury, and it looked like they were missing him for weeks. Yubin is hanging on the cliff by her fingertips. Will Caulfeldt follow the path of Mark Bryce and Edward Steele to the director?