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Antwerp exits Europe after losing to Shakhtar for the fifth time in a row  Shakhtar Antwerp

Antwerp exits Europe after losing to Shakhtar for the fifth time in a row Shakhtar Antwerp

Zero out of fifteen. Antwerp were again unable to score any points in the Champions League group stage and were permanently eliminated from Europe. In freezing Hamburg, they lost 1-0 after an early goal by Matvienko. Botez appeared as Antwerp’s best player after making two great saves in the second half.

look. Shakhtar and Antwerp match summary

Erase the scratch. This was the mission of the “Great Old Man” to freeze Hamburg. Temperatures were already dropping below freezing when the Champions League anthem was played. There is certainly no shortage of motivation in Antwerp. Moja, Kirk and Janssen were not dangerous in the first ten minutes.

The match went well and came back. The very quick Newerton Palmares showed off Bataille’s stars, but he shot his most dangerous effort wide. Twelve minutes later, Bataille had to go all out again. He threw his body into the fray to stop a cross, but hit the ball – whether consciously or unconsciously – with his arm. The referee awarded a handball, a free kick in favor of Shakhtar.

Oleksandr Zubkov sent in an excellent cross, and Matviyenko headed it over with ease. swallow. Antwerp once again have to rely on the chase. Van Bommel stared at the ground, but his men would not give up. There was just a lack of sharpness up front. Palicuesha – completely free on the penalty spot – shot well from Bataille very calmly, Moja stepping on Reznik’s fists.

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Antwerp seemed to have control of the match, but before the end of the first half things went very well. At first Zubkov was unable to head the ball, then Newton-Palmares and Sudakov both missed a good chance. Antwerp can be happy with a 1-0 lead at half-time.

Antwerp came out of the dressing room well. Janssen with a very weak header, a bad cross from Balikwesha that almost went into the goal. The Dutch Antwerp striker also earned a penalty kick, but not much happened.

Despite all the good intentions, the greater chances went to the home team. Botez turned out to be Antwerp’s best player when he smashed a fierce shot from Azarovy onto the crossbar, then did the same thing five minutes later from a penalty kick from Stepanenko.

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The Ukrainians were not embarrassed for a second – they missed the chance to make the score 2-0 in stoppage time. Antwerp simply lacked the quality to impose their will up front. Toby Alderweireld stepped up as a genuine striker, but he too was unable to turn things around. Another defeat, leaving the Grand Old One with zero out of fifteen. Third place is now no longer mathematically possible. In two weeks, Antwerp will play their final match in Europe: at home against mighty Barcelona. Then their European adventure ended.

Barcelona is definitely in the next round

In the other match in the Antwerp group, Barcelona defeated its Portuguese guest, Porto, 2-1. The visitors took the lead through Pepe, but thanks to goals from Portuguese Joao Cancelo and Joao Felix, Barcelona took the three points. Barcelona is confident about the next round, but not yet about winning the group. This could be the case for Shakhtar, if the Ukrainians beat Porto and Barcelona in turn lose to Antwerp.

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