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“Arm is laying off 15 percent of employees after failed acquisition of Nvidia” – IT Pro – News

black and white. You don’t necessarily get efficiency by firing people. The truth is that often fewer people have to do more work, which often does not benefit the quality.

True† One element often underestimated by management is that in forced reorganization (with layoffs), the so-called withdrawal effect for employees, who leave voluntarily following redundancies, is greatly underestimated. With often disastrous consequences, for current projects, the general level of knowledge and the company’s reputation. I’ve tested this myself twice now and recently again with a friend who lost his job.

In the meantime, the reality is that actions such as outsourcing, in which more employees are laid off in favor of a more efficient club, often result in lower efficiency.

As far as I know, efficiency is rarely outsourced, just to reduce labor costs and ‘flexibility’ on fully deployable jobs. Although you can call the latter to some extent “economic efficiency”.

Although the top rarely admits it, after all the credits, promotions and rewards have been taken to run the company efficiently. Today people are trying to hire internal staff like headless horses. effective.

Yeah. The typical pattern in the last reorganization I experienced myself was that when the (finally) responsible manager moved himself a year later in food chain Career ladder of the parent company, success was never wished for by anyone from the circle of the old employer (150+ FTE) via LinkedIn.

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