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Bart de Wever on PFOS contamination in Zwijendrecht: "I paint ...

Bart de Wever on PFOS contamination in Zwijendrecht: “I paint …

Antwerp Mayor Bart de Wever (N-VA) is not afraid to appear before the commission of inquiry into the PFOS scandal. He said this in an interview to be published in Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday. He maintains that he has a very strong case file on the work done on Oosterweel. He has no problem explaining his role to the investigation committee. “I go in there whistling,” he says.

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He describes work on Oosterweel as a disaster. It appears to be “primarily because the soil and water is treated there”. “Do you think it is a good public health idea to leave the trucks on the Antwerp Ring Road from morning to evening? The problem of traffic congestion costs us €440 million a year. I have spent a large part of my political life doing the Oosterweel business calendar for a living. This is no longer a mobility project. This is about With public transportation, urban renewal, parks, quality of life…the biggest project of the century in that area.”

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He believes the Flemish government should communicate more assertively about the pollution surrounding the 3M plant in Zwijndrecht. deal or not. Of course, this goes against a sense of justice. for me too. If you have to compromise as a government, you are in dire straits. But to serve the greater good, sometimes you have to get this bullshit. If you don’t, it will cost you more and be more harmful. This is my advice to any responsible politician. Own your shit. “

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Read more tomorrow at Het Nieuwsblad.