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Manufacturer Offers Ceramic Roof Tiles With Integrated Solar Panels – IT Pro – News

Wienerberger, the Austrian manufacturer of bricks and tiles, offers the Alegra 10 Wevolt solar roof tile. It is a traditional ceramic roof tile, with a small solar panel built into it.

Wienerberger delivers Alegra 10 Wevolt . Solar Roof Tile In black, the solar panels blend in with the look of traditional roof tiles. The dimensions of the solar roof tiles are the same as those of the traditional roof tiles such as Wienerberger. Plain tiles are laid on the edges of the roof and roof tiles with ventilation grilles are added on top.

The Alegra 10 Wevolt solar roof tile is equipped with a black solar panel with two cells and a peak power of 10W. With MC4 sockets, ceiling tiles are connected in series and up to 40 pieces can be combined per micro or enhanced adapter. The units have an efficiency of 17.10 percent.

There are 10.6 solar roof tiles per square meter of roof. This brings the maximum power to about 100 watts per square metre. With regular solar panels, this is about 200 peak watts per square metre. The strength of solar roof tiles is lower because the entire roof is not made of solar cells. Due to the compact dimensions, roof tiles are best laid around chimneys and windows.

It is possible to make a roof consisting partly of solar roof tiles and partly of ceramic roof tiles. This means that the roof can also be expanded later with additional solar roof tiles. The manufacturer does not disclose the cost of ceiling tiles. Intention for the contractor to install the roof tiles. The manufacturer has Processing advice with instructions Posted on his website.

Wienerberger isn’t the first to combine ceramic roof tiles with solar panels. Urk Company introduced ZEP This is already in 2016. That company filed for bankruptcy last year, but according to Solar Magazine, Return. Since then it seems Solarty From Urk to deliver solar roof tiles.

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