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Best Apps of the Week 33-2021 in App Missed

Best Apps of the Week 33-2021 in App Missed

In the weekly “Missing Apps” section, you can read about the apps from the past week that are worth checking out. We always discuss about five applications of IphoneAnd IPAD employment Mac. These may be apps that you may not have known, useful or just fun to try. These could also be older adults who have received a major update and therefore receive some extra attention.

Discussed earlier this week on iCulture:

iCulture App of the Week: Vrank

Don’t you always feel comfortable with others because you don’t know what you’re talking about? Or do you have the idea that conversations with a particular person often dry up quickly? Then Vrank might be something for you. The app, of Dutch origin, offers card combinations for all kinds of situations: quick conversations, visiting grandparents, a date, an evening with friends and much more.

Recently the app also has a dark mode and its own widgets. This also makes it a little easier to subtly find a topic, but try not to look too much at your phone. For a few dollars, you can buy all of the card sets, including the first date and job interview cards. Manufacturers promise to add more decks of cards.

Citira geography

This app is perfect for your terrain. With Seterra Geography you will find out where all the countries of the world are and what flags they belong to. You can choose the European flags, as you have to set the correct flag for the country. The Dutch provinces, the German federal states and the US states have their own category. In addition to flags, you can also select the country that you see based on the outlines. The app is temporarily completely free, so take your chance!

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Would you like to see the current date and time more brightly on your home screen? With widgets from McClockface it is possible. The app is packed with original designs, from a simple digital clock to a Mac Terminal simulation and an American license plate. There is also a widget that shows the percentage of the day you are working. The app costs a few euros, but it has no other in-app purchases or ads.


With Usage, you can view all of your Mac’s activities in one clear overview. How much space is still available? How is the battery? Do I have enough RAM now? Usage can tell you that and more. The information can also be found in other ways on your Mac, but it can be a better overview. You can compile the application yourself in the menu bar. This means that you can add additional blocks of information, but you can also remove irrelevant data. Usage provides 21 types of menu bar items and 13 widgets. More widgets are coming.

the dent

AlDente is a very advanced battery manager for you MacBook. The application aims to extend battery life. For example, it is not a good idea to stay at 100% level continuously. Therefore, the application can ensure that the file the battery Do not charge more than a certain percentage or you Mac only on the battery Tar – even when the charger is connected.

The paid version of the app may only charge the battery when it is not hot. This is the best for life. AlDente can also fully automatically calibrate your battery. For a lifetime license, you pay just over $2, which is a lot less than you’d pay for a new battery. So it might be worth it.

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Could you Download AlDente on the developer’s website. The app is included with SetApp Bouquet.