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BVs in therapy and Jan Jaap's last breath: You can watch this on TV tonight |  New TV season

BVs in therapy and Jan Jaap’s last breath: You can watch this on TV tonight | New TV season

TelevisionThe classic TV spring offensive kicked off Monday with “De Buurtpolitie VIPS” kicking off, in which former Miss Belgium Véronique de Kock was kidnapped. On a “classic” Tuesday evening, a “fact-checker” decided to start last week. VTM did the same with Sergio Across the Border. This is a complete overview of all the new software and the hottest titles that are back.

1. “treatment”

The second season of the Human Interest series begins on CanvasProcessing‘, with explicit testimonies from Flemish people about their relationship with healers. New in this second series are the testimonies of famous Flemish people, such as Kevin Janssens, Evi Gruert, Sven Marie, Bart Scholes and Mike Kavmayer. They talk openly about their treatment and how it helped them. They had to deal with the same customer problems and show how everyone can have psychological problems.

“Treatment”, canvas, 9.20 pm.

2. “Baptiste”

A six-part thriller series in which stubborn detective Julian Baptiste searches for the family of the missing British ambassador in Hungary. © GARDEN

After “Factcheckers” one begins with the British crime series “Baptiste”, the spin-off from the Belgian-British thriller series “The Missing”. Julien Baptiste (Cheke Carrillo) is no longer the man we know. After experiencing a personal tragedy, his wife Celia is out of his life and he seeks a distraction. Whether it’s a drink or a new venture…

But when Ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw)’s entire family vanished into the mountains of Hungary, Emma appointed Julian. For this, Julian will have to work closely with the Hungarian investigator Zsofia Arslan. But the matter is further complicated by corruption, many secrets and media interference.

Baptiste, 9.20 p.m.

3. “The Perfect World”

Jan Jaap van der Waal in The Ideas World.

Jan Jaap van der Waal in The Ideas World. © GARDEN

Jan Jaap van der Waal (42) will begin his final months on Tuesday night as a presenter for the show ‘perfect world‘ on canvas. The Dutch broadcaster will run until May, but after that it ends. It is not yet clear who will take the torch next. To be clear: the “ideal world” itself will continue. The satirical news show will begin its 17th season in September 2022.

“The Perfect World”, canvas, 10 p.m.

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