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Oscar makes an embarrassing mistake in judging Chadwick Bosman.  How could such a thing happen?  |  Oscars 2021

Oscar makes an embarrassing mistake in judging Chadwick Bosman. How could such a thing happen? | Oscars 2021

MovieThe late Chadwick Bosman did not receive an Academy Award for his role in Netflix Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. To the amazement of film critics from all countries, the Academy gave the Oscar to Anthony Hopkins, who starred in the movie “ Father ” – he was not even present at the party. A big surprise to everyone, apparently also for the institution itself. He adapted the entire show into the character of the Chadwick statue, and the nose cover. “This was the game of closing the” Game of Thrones Oscar “, as it appears on social media.

Oscar night seemed dull at first glance: “Nomadland” and “Mank” were set off with loads of statues, just as expected. But expectations can be dangerous, the evening’s organizers showed. Since everyone was convinced that Chadwick Bosman (also known for his iconic role as Black Panther in the Marvel movie of the same name) would win an Oscar for Best Actor, the entire show was adapted for that.

It is a common occurrence that the evening’s top prize, an Oscar for best film, is given at last. This time it didn’t. The statue went to Nomandland, but was received even before the Best Actor and Best Actress awards were out. These two statues are usually handed over early in the evening, but are now preserved at the end of the show. Of course, they were hoping for an emotional ending, as Bosman won an Oscar after his death, and his family shared a message with the audience. However, the reality was very different. Anthony Hopkins won for his role in “Daddy,” and didn’t even appear to receive his award.

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Confused reactions

The Oscars broadcast suddenly stopped after that last award. A major failure. “This is the evening’s biggest surprise,” it seems to Hollywood critics. ”The flip was exaggerated because the“ In Memoriam ”portion of the show was so tender this year. The names of deceased directors and movie stars flashed in a split second. Social Communication. “Nobody deserves to be mentioned so briefly after a lifetime of achievement in the world of cinema.” The only reference to (Bosman) last night was the very short part of his obituary.

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How could this happen?

Our Hollywood woman, Christian Gables, was shocked to hear that Hopkins was running away with the prize. She is the youngest member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that awards the Golden Globe Awards. Earlier this year, Chadwick actually won that movie award, and Christian also predicted it wouldn’t be any different tonight. “I almost fell from my seat when I heard that,” it seems. “Chadwick Bosman won one award after another, so it was sure to me that the Oscar would get it too. When I heard it was Anthony Hopkins, I was actually still hoping that host Joaquin Phoenix would say he made a mistake like he did with Moonlight a few days ago. Years “.

She explains how such an embarrassing error in judgment could occur: “The organization itself doesn’t know who will win before the name is read on stage,” she knows. “The result of the vote is safely in a PwC bag, until such time as the announcement time.” The company was reprimanded in 2017 after a deliberate ‘Moonlight’ scandal. But this time, there wasn’t a mistake PricewaterhouseCoopers made, the foundation simply didn’t take into account that there was a chance the Boseman wouldn’t win.

Bosman died last year of cancer. He was 43 years old.


Meanwhile, of course, it is raining reactions on Twitter and other social media. “Wow, they were so confident that the whole end of the ceremony was ruined.” Or: “Anthony was so sure he wouldn’t win that he didn’t even bother to come.”

Others see the humor in it: “This was ‘Game of Thrones’ at the Oscars,” one jokes.

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