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Nederlandse special forces springen met vliegpak tot op uw dak

Dutch Special Forces Jumps To Dr.

Exit from the ground to the surface. Or from the dock to the deck of a passing boat. It no longer appeared to be a problem for the Special Forces. With a jet-powered flying suit, there isn’t much of an obstacle for them anymore.

The Marine Corps is recently working on a futuristic experiment. The Gravity Fly suit was tested in cooperation with the MIND Innovation Center.

With this flight suit, anyone can move through the air in a belt with jet engines. The suit has been tested in various positions, for example when boarding ships. It has also been tested in a built environment. All tests passed with flying colors.

According to Major Mark Hasseek, there are engines on the back and arms. The pilot can control cruise and altitude with the throttle in hand. By moving your body and your arms, you generate an upward pressure. It is a matter of finding a balance in the air. It was easier than you think, “he says.

The risks of the revolutionary lawsuit were previously discussed with security officials. During the test, Hasdik says, the flight was essentially low. The body is fragile, of course, although there is always a risk from military operations. The time you fly really high is very limited. “

The Marines are really excited. An evaluation will now follow to see if it is useful enough for the military operation. Because it is not cheap. Defense in the Netherlands does not release a price, but the producer’s website talks about prices of up to 300,000 euros. Another disadvantage is that the Navy is very weak when flying in the air. Because since he needs his hands to steer, he can now use a weapon.

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