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Elon Musk's xAI is about to launch its first AI prototype

Elon Musk’s xAI is about to launch its first AI prototype

Details of Musk’s first AI model are still a matter of speculation, but the world’s richest person promises that it is the best AI product currently available in “several important respects.”

This doesn’t have to be just bragging. Musk is known to have poached AI specialists from xAI competitors, including Google’s sister company Deepmind and Microsoft. In April this year, Musk said in an interview with Fox that he wanted his new AI company to offer a “third option” alongside OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

He jokingly named his as-yet-unreleased product TruthGPT, as a counterweight to the often-nonsense chatbot ChatGPT. The billionaire spoke of “truth-seeking artificial intelligence seeking to understand the nature of the universe” and “hopefully doing more good than evil.”

Musk was previously a co-founder of OpenAI, but left after a disagreement with CEO Sam Altman, with whom he has been feuding ever since. Musk believes that OpenAI is too concerned with making profits and not too concerned with the safety of its AI. He says he does. Critics accuse Musk of a double stance: on the one hand, he constantly warns of the existential risks of artificial intelligence, which could mean the end of humanity, but at the same time he is also developing artificial intelligence himself and believes in the arrival of this type of artificial intelligence. AI that humanity will be outdone.

Earlier this year, Musk signed an open letter in which prominent figures called for a six-month pause in the development of large language models more advanced than GPT4, the current engine of ChatGPT.

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This week, Musk was one of the most prominent attendees at the Artificial Intelligence Conference in Bletchley Park, UK. There, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak conducted an interview with him. According to Musk, AI could eventually eliminate the need for jobs.