Employers have a huge tax advantage for providing healthy lunches, and Koppert Cress can also use this.

Here’s what Finance Minister Hans Villbrev says: Answer On parliamentary questions from Member of Parliament Webern van Haga (Van Haga Group). He asked for clarification on the additional €40,000 that Coubert had received for his staff’s extensive vegetable lunches. Prepared by a chef.

Filbrev describes the large financial space that employers have with the example of an employer who always has a fruit basket for his employees, at a value of €1 per employee per day. In addition, it offers a healthy vegetarian lunch of €12.50 per day without asking for a contribution from the staff. Filbrev: “In this case, the employee will receive an in-kind wage of 13.50 euros per day. For this he receives healthy food and has no costs for lunch and snacks. In principle, the value of the fruit basket is valued at zero for payroll tax and the value of lunch is estimated at 3.35 euros. “.

The Secretary of State calculates 214 lunches on an annual basis. Vijlbrief: “Then it is valued at 214 x €3.35 = €716.90 on an annual basis. While the employee actually receives 214 x (€12.50 + €1) = €2889 of healthy food from the employer. Let’s say the employer still has free space It amounts to €400 for this purpose, then only €716.90 -/- €400 = €316.90 will be taxed at 80% Final tax: €253.52″. This is the amount per employee in this case.