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Significant increase in dementia requires more support at home

The World Health Organization (WHO) requires governments around the world to implement national policies for the care of patients with dementia. In the Netherlands, the National Dementia Strategy was launched this year by the Ministry of Health, to which Alzheimer Nederland provided the necessary objective input. This ANP expert support reports.

The strategy is based on three important pillars: a focus on scientific research, society at large, and dedicated care and support. The number of people with dementia is also increasing in the Netherlands. Most of them live at home. “They deserve a full place in our community. To that end, we are working with VWS in a dementia-friendly community,” Gerjok Wilmink, Alzheimer’s Nederland director.

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“Alzheimer’s Netherlands is the largest private funder of scientific research in dementia. However, we still see a huge gap between what the government is investing and what is still needed, especially in support of people with dementia and informal caregivers.”

‚ÄúDedicated support for living with dementia is an important challenge in the coming years, as is the availability of other forms of housing with appropriate care. The step from owning a home to a nursing home is now very large. Another important point is the support in through case management. Providing adequate supplies of accessible daytime activities. There is still a lot to do before everyone can access a suitable daytime activity in the area,” says Wilmink.

By: National Care Guide

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