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Firefox will automatically download files with version 97 – Computer – News

I’m in it. Vice versa, the screen you now see by default in Firefox has two options:
1. Download (Save)
2. Open, where you have to choose a program to open it with

I rarely choose option 2, and even if I choose option 2, sometimes I have to search for the link again because I want to open it again. As far as I’m concerned, this is a big compromise, in fact it costs nothing more to save a file and if you need it again it’s already on your device. The screen with the selection basically gets in the way, the article also says. You also have a list of your recently downloaded files in the upper right, so if you still want to open them, you can quickly access them via that menu. No longer opening via the clumsy Firefox intermediate screen, but the same way as all other files in Windows/Linux.

Anyway, I’m so happy with this change, I never thought there was an option to tweak this. So I did it right away.

I thought the option was already there, but the default one has been changed. This is not the case, in the current version you can only choose where you want to download, but the “Skip options screen” option is not there yet. Too bad, I’m going to have to wait a little longer for the next release.

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