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"Gravinfluencer" Eloise van Oranje lost a lot of kilos: "I'm very proud" |  Property

“Gravinfluencer” Eloise van Oranje lost a lot of kilos: “I’m very proud” | Property

“I did it: six weeks of discipline…and now we move on,” she said on her Instagram Story. Just like the famous Dutch people, footballer John De Wolfe and actresses Halina Reijn and Esa Houze, the Countess has been working intensively on a healthy lifestyle in recent weeks. With the help of the sports organization’s “First Day” training program, she focused on achieving a good balance between healthy eating and exercise.

According to her followers, Eloise is now reaping the benefits and is happy with the end result. “Looks great!” However, there is also criticism of the sports program: “Only those with deep pockets can participate in this.” The basic course Eloise took costs €2,499.

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The Countess previously admitted that she is very insecure about her body. “It’s not about anything specific, but more about the typical things that every girl has,” she revealed in the Dutch magazine Beau Monde. She also regularly wonders whether her clothes look good on her and whether they show off her body well. “Why do I think my legs are fat?” To deal with her doubts, she decided to unfollow people on social media who she compared herself to, but who only projected a perfect image. “It’s fake and exaggerated,” he said sharply.

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