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‘This way everyone can cry on demand’: Veerle Baetens shows dramatic cinema trick in ‘The Smartest Person’ |  The smartest person in the world

‘This way everyone can cry on demand’: Veerle Baetens shows dramatic cinema trick in ‘The Smartest Person’ | The smartest person in the world

televisionEric Van Looy tries out his colleague Fairlie Baetens’ directorial debut “Het Smelt” in almost every episode of “Het Smelt.”The smartest personI’m classy. Sympathetic, but it also produces impressive images. On Monday, the actress/director asked a seemingly dry question in a very dramatic way. “That way everyone can cry on demand,” she revealed in passing. Fortunately, the duo Tine Embrechts – Ella Leyers provided some delightful opposition.

Eric announced the surprise clip as a tutorial titled “Acting with Veerle Baetens.” The actress wanted to process her feelings of sadness in a crash course. “An actor must be able to cry on command, otherwise he is only half an actor,” he said. “A lot of actors are fond of the trick where you have to think about terrible things that have really happened to you. Like a grandmother who died. But I think that’s all nonsense. Ultimately, everyone uses the same remedy: wand magic.”

Veerle with magic wand. © RV

The actress then took out a stick, put some ointment on her finger and then applied it under her eyes. Simple and effective, because tears immediately ran down her cheeks, and with eyes full of sadness she was able to ask her neutral question: “What do you know about Emma Watson?” The senior actress conjured different versions, each with more sadness and drama. It’s a neat trick, after which candidate Alex Agnew was allowed to provide all the answers. Jury member Tyne Imbrechts added: “Eric, I don’t need a stick to cry. Because when I look at you…”

Gustav, Elisbeth and Alex in a movie
Gustav, Elisbeth and Alex in “The Smartest Person”. © RV

Glamorous outfit

In addition to those tears of sadness, thankfully there was also a lot of laughter and competition in this episode. Singer Gustav (aka Steve Caires) is joined by screenwriter Elizabeth Lucy Payten and comedian Alex Agnew. It is said that the former Eurovision Song Contest’s pride was more tense in the audition chair than on the festival stage, because: “Other participants who come here, like writers or politicians, get paid to be clever. I only get paid to sing.” The singer chose The ever-enthusiastic one wore a garish outfit he found in fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck’s wardrobe. Without a hat, but with a hat, because: “It suits this look better.” Alex Agnew said apologetically that his mother had chosen his clothes.

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Fifth class sister

It was a very cheerful episode, especially thanks to the funny contribution from Ella Leyers and Tine Embrechts. Not only the two actresses and best friends, but also the two judges are in this episode. Ella introduced Tyne as the fourth sister of the Lyers clan, but she immediately realized that she had made a painful arithmetic error with that compliment and quickly corrected it to the fifth sister of the Lyers. The two then brought out their alcoholic characters Karen and Melanie from “Perfect World.” When Eric sheepishly asked at the start of the first round of questions whether the jury might give a newcomer good advice, Ella joked: “Try to learn the national languages ​​and find a job as quickly as possible.”

Gustave in action.
Gustave in action. © RV


The match was fairly even, but a snippet of the song “Walk the line” (Johnny Cash! Joaquin Phoenix! Reese Witherspoon! Oscar!) gave Gustav the final victory. The artist then wiped away a tear of emotion. Without a magic wand. Elizabeth immediately had to play her first final against the experienced Alex. The latter did so, albeit reluctantly, because he knew that Kofi Annan had won the Nobel Peace Prize in his capacity as Secretary-General of the United Nations. Elizabeth was allowed to pack her bags and Alex was now more certain of his place in the final. Or maybe there is also a record of that?

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look. The next candidate is actor Amy Claes. Eric Van Looy discusses his strengths and weaknesses.

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