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The labor union shuts down Lidl warehouses on Friday

The labor union shuts down Lidl warehouses on Friday

The ACV Puls and BBTK unions will be organizing a campaign Friday at the Lidl supermarket chain. In doing so, they denounce the workload. The company’s management regrets these actions.

There is a problem with Lidl’s workload. ACV Puls Secretary Wouter Parmentier says it is permanently present and the coronavirus crisis reinforces it now. On the one hand, people go to the supermarket more, and on the other hand, many rules have been added regarding, for example, mouth masks or keeping a distance between them, it seems. These are essential to the health of the employees and we support them, but not all customers agree with them. Sometimes this increases the pressure. Verbal and physical abuse is not exceptional according to the ACV.

ACV Puls shuts down warehouses

The union says employees are tired and feel left out. Action will be taken on Friday. ACV Puls want to close warehouses, so that warehouse storage is not feasible, thus relieving the warehouse workload for a while, logic seems.

We will deny access to warehouses until goods are not delivered. We hope that the people in the stores have more time and space to do other tasks and we will be able to lighten the workload a little.

In Flanders, this relates to warehouses in Sint-Niklaas and Genk, in Wallonia, among others, Courcelles. The union continues to say that new consultations are expected on May 5. Without progress, “measures will expand in the coming weeks.”

No transfers to BBK until the 5th of May

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There is also dissatisfaction with the BBTK. For example, a Handbook for Action is distributed on Friday. The union calls for “a stop to work as a sign of protest, one minute, one hour, one day.” All work districts appear to be covered.

Karen Moyes from Limburg confirms that a brochure is in circulation. Meanwhile, there was a meeting with management in Limburg, although the result was still not enough, she said. We told people they could take action (Friday), and people could be absent here and there. But we will not put sit-ins, we are waiting until the fifth of May. If no concessions follow, there will be a lot of willingness on the part of employees to take action, she says. The general position of BBK will be to wait until the 5th of May.

Company management regrets the planned actions on Friday. “We think it is a shame that there will be measures in place tomorrow, while the consultations are being planned on Wednesday,” said spokeswoman Isabelle Colbrant. According to the spokeswoman, the consequences of the measures on the stores will appear and depend on the extent of the follow-up of these measures.