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Head of two million Belgians vaccinated, 90 percent of Flemish people over 85 received their first internal injection

Head of two million Belgians vaccinated, 90 percent of Flemish people over 85 received their first internal injection

Our country has passed the symbolic milestone of vaccinating two million people, according to Sciensano’s latest update. 659,000 of them were fully vaccinated. In Flanders, the 90 percent threshold for vaccination has been reached in the older age group of people aged over 85.

With 2,058,737 residents vaccinated, we have currently provided at least 17.91 percent of the total population with at least the first shot of the Corona vaccine. The 6,59,332 who got the second shot also represented 5.74 percent of the population.

This increases the vaccination rate even further, as it has now reached more than 65,000 vaccinations per day. Last Friday’s record was revised to 128,128 vaccines administered at that time. We’ll probably discuss this again today or tomorrow, but that will only be clear from the numbers in a few days.

In Flanders, at least 1,227,105 people are now partially immunized, or 18.51 percent of the population. Vaccination coverage in Walloon fell again slightly, at 17.92 percent, and in Brussels, 13.83 percent.

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90 percent of those over the age of 85 were vaccinated

Regional differences are especially striking when we look at the breakdown of age groups. Each district lays down all of its vaccinations, but one must switch to younger age groups earlier than the other. In Flanders, for example, the 90 percent mark of those vaccinated over the age of 85 is now exceeded, and 75 to 84 is also approaching that symbolic threshold. However, the Wallonia region, and especially Brussels, remains below 70 percent.

As a result, Brussels in particular could already build a strong start with people between the ages of 65 and 74, with 62 percent of them already being vaccinated. In Flanders this is only 23 percent, because people here worked longer in the 1970s and 1980s. In the coming days, the numbers of Flemish people in their 60s are expected to rise sharply, while Brussels will likely reach its “ ceiling ” soon.

Will we achieve it on July 11th?

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At the current vaccination rate, Flanders is on track to vaccinate at least 90 percent of the entire population the first time by July 11, the target date previously set by Welfare Minister Wouter Beck (CD&V).

The current pace will likely increase for a few more days, but it will likely drop again after that. In the coming week, there are already 42 percent fewer vaccinations scheduled for this week, which is an exceptional milestone in the campaign. In addition, after the next week, more and more residents should receive a second injection, which are vaccines that are no longer available for the first injection. As a result, the pace of this will slow down again, until significantly more is delivered in May and June and could rise again.

The vaccination rate has to be increased, but next week we will be using 42 percent fewer injections. how is that possible?

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