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Horizon Forbidden West bots use ideas that weren't possible in the first game

Horizon Forbidden West bots use ideas that weren’t possible in the first game

The bots in Horizon Forbidden West will use ideas that weren’t possible in Part One. For example, behavior, skills, and weaknesses will be different in Forbidden West.

In a new post on PlayStation Blog Guerrilla game designers reveal new details about some of the machines in Horizon Forbidden West. With the new game comes new possibilities, so the team wanted to explore new areas in the game and see how different types of machines would survive in different environmental areas, such as the waters near them.

“During the development of Horizon Zero Dawn we had a lot of ideas – of course not everything went right in the first game, but with Horizon Forbidden West we were able to implement some great ideas that were not feasible before with new and interesting concepts,” said machine lead designer Blake. Politsky.

Machines have different patterns of behavior that Aloy took advantage of. For example, she can use the dust blown up by the machines while searching for fabrics for her own cover and sneak into the machines. On top of that, the machines in Horizon Forbidden West are more mobile than ever. They can jump, swim, and cling to surfaces. Aloy also has new tools to combat these new dangers, such as smoke grenades and the ability to climb.

In addition to the new machine behaviors, there are also new machines designed to match Forbidden West’s new coastal setting. The Sunwing, a flying machine larger than Zero Dawn’s Glinthawk, uses wings to store energy during sunny weather. They are vulnerable when harvesting sunlight, but they are also more alert to surrounding dangers when they are not.

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Speaking of weakness, every machine is designed with multiple opportunities to be defeated. “We try to make it clear to the players through the design of the machine, and we have added materials to better show weaknesses or interactive components,” explains Maxime Fleury, Art Asset leader. “You have to study each machine closely to find different ways of dealing with it.”

Aloy can also outrun many other machines, allowing her to ride creatures or even change their behavior, making them more aggressive or defensive.

Narrative reasons for the existence of machines were also invented. Tremortusk was revealed in May, and Tremortusk was created to protect other species so that they could perform their duties without human intervention.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 17, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Check out some of the new gadgets Aloy has at her disposal, such as the Pulllcaster and Shieldwing, as well as some of her new gear that gives her access to new abilities.