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“If schools are allowed to reopen as agreed, then food industry will also be allowed” |  The interior

“If schools are allowed to reopen as agreed, then food industry will also be allowed” | The interior

The Self-Employed Neutral Syndicate (NSZ) is demanding a commitment to the planned reopening of the catering industry on May 1 and “not after one day”. On the other hand, the National Hairdressing Federation was not created with the statement of CEO Horeca Vlaanderen, who said that there could be no further relaxation if the restaurant industry was not allowed to open in May.

Corona Commissioner, Pedro Vaquon, threw a bat into a chicken coop yesterday. He will advise the advisory committee that will study Corona procedures on Wednesday to provide advice to cafes and restaurants It will reopen as soon as in mid-May. So far, it was expected that going out for dinner or a drink would be possible again on May 1. “We’d better not go too fast now,” Facon said in an interview with De Tijd.

Horeca Vlaanderen’s CEO, Matthias de Caloy, responded immediately There can be no further relaxation if the restaurant industry is not allowed to open.


His criticism met resistance from the National Hairdressing Federation. Febelhair shares Horeca Vlaanderen’s concerns, but it is not up to them to decide on other sectors. “As a sector, we do not wish to be involved in such blackmail,” said Chairman Charles Antoine Heberecht.

“The hairdressing sector is already going through a tough time and there is no doubt about that for Febelhair. Improper shutdown should be reversed urgently. In any case, hairdressing salons should reopen on April 26th. There is absolutely no evidence that hairdressers are to blame. An increase in the number of injuries.

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“Through the“ My Safe Salon ”campaign, Febelhair has mobilized hairdressers as much as possible to follow the procedures of the Coronavirus scrupulously. Inspections conducted by FPS Public Health and FPS Economy have shown that our hairdressers are exemplary students. Under no circumstances do we wish to be a game. Horeca Flandre, “says Febelher.


Time to turn data into action

Self Employed Impartial Syndicate (NSZ)

The freelance-neutral union (NSZ) believes it is too early to abandon the catering plan. It’s time to turn data into action. May 1 is a milestone in rebuilding the economy. ”NSZ is surprised that calls are already underway to delay the planned reopening of the catering industry on May 1. The numbers could still develop positively. This causes unnecessary panic.”

Many self-employed workers, including the food industry, have now been closed for more than 200 days. According to NSZ, this cannot be ignored. Agreements are agreements and if schools are allowed to reopen as agreed, the catering and other sectors are also allowed to do so. The EO said reopening the catering industry is a complex logistical puzzle that cannot be completed in one day.


“It is not the case that relaxation of one can exclude the other. For example, the safe opening of stands must also be possible, as in Luxembourg. As a service to compensate for the heavy loss, not as an obligation, and with constant support. The anger and the misunderstanding are great. If the advisory committee continues to abandon the reopening of its doors on Wednesday, it will have to release more financial support in a unified way, ”it still appears.

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