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Judge declares responsibility of four companies for illegal damage to iptv – IT Pro – News

But can you also imagine the reasons why people don’t?

The main reason is: it is in their best interest to be in their ecosystem. When you’re done with Chain X from Provider A, you won’t see Chain Y with Provider B, but you’ll see Chain Z from Provider A. If you allow a centralized umbrella application to be developed based on an API, you lose control of your clients. Which series will be at the top within the app? Which chain and from which provider something is being promoted? How does the algorithm work to determine what else a user likes based on their viewing history?

Additionally, what if a popular app using your API suddenly starts spreading malware or the interface is slow after some updates? Then you can say, yes, the provider’s application will always be the same, but the taste remains with the consumer. If he just watched your movies or series through this app and got a bad taste, he might go watch one of the competitors. As a provider you want to be in control of yourself.

Additionally, if you want to be able to run everything via the API, will that work with the encryption that Netflix uses? Each provider may use something different for this and this may also be subject to change.

Then you still have bandwidth usage: I can imagine the Netflix client has built in some intelligence to optimally handle bandwidth. You might not wait for that as a consumer (unless the alternative is you get a stuttering picture), but Netflix also doesn’t wait for unnecessarily high bandwidth consumption, because that costs them more power on their servers and therefore more money..

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In short, in my opinion, that would never happen.

The streaming service landscape may be diverse, but now it’s 1,000 times faster and easier to watch what you wanted 20 years ago. If you miss an episode, you have to wait for a repeat or DVD release. What you had to actually buy in the store, then compress it in the DVD player, change the disc after many episodes, etc. Then installing an app on your mobile and subscribing or switching between two apps isn’t really that bad.

We don’t really have that bad imo and your utopia won’t happen, I can guarantee that, not with subscription services at least. The only thing that comes close is probably the Movies Anywhere initiative, which is now only available in America as far as I know. Then you buy the codes without a subscription (or get them with Blu-ray).

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