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Miki Jorisen runs her first contest since Tokyo: "You made people happy" |  Cross country ran

Miki Jorisen runs her first contest since Tokyo: “You made people happy” | Cross country ran

“Cross running is not the habitat of the natural, but the atmosphere is like no other”

However, cross-country running isn’t immediately Mieke Gorissen’s favorite discipline. The 38-year-old started cross-country racing only 3 years ago.

Gorissen: “I assumed I would have to walk a few more kilometers after the race, because it would be quite a few. But that was judged wrong. It’s very difficult and can’t be compared to a street race. I have a ‘pear’ I saw.”

“Cross running is not the home of the natural, with all that mud and all that sand. But the atmosphere that goes with it is like no other.”

Mieke Gorissen became very popular in our country after the Olympic marathon. Primarily because of her performance (she ranked 28th in red), but especially because of her emotional and enthusiastic interview after the intense competition in Tokyo.

“When I walk around Diebenbeck, people still call me. That’s great. I have a feeling I’ve made people happy. But in return, people now make me happy. That’s great.”

“After that Olympic adventure, I wanted to quickly get my feet back on the ground. For me, walking is my hobby and my outlet. It should still be something where I can lose inner chaos and nervous energy. I’d rather just be myself: Mickey who knows, busy with crafts.” He loves to go for a walk.”

“I don’t consider myself a superstar. I feel uncomfortable when they advertise me on a CrossCup poster in a mall.”

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