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MIVD: Chinese FortiGate espionage campaign is more extensive than previously thought – Computer – News

I’ll probably get burned, but I still want to join.

First of all, there is not a lot of evidence, but there is strange behavior that can be proven. You can expect alert/observant consumers to identify suspicious matters as hacking or malware. Although it may not technically be true, it is at least 100 times better than ignoring it. A false positive with these types of abnormalities is better than a false positive. As an administrator, you shouldn’t be thinking about people who see strange things and don’t report them, right?

Second, it’s a very good question: Where can you report something like this? It is clear that you are simply not being taken seriously and the reports are not investigated. Only when things get really bad do people want to act. Aren’t you too late? Should the well be filled only after the calf drowns?

Additionally, if it’s just about Oneplus/Oppo/Xiaomi, as you write, what do these three brands have in common and they are clearly the two Chinese companies that disrupted the system. (Why should you care?) OnePlus and Oppo are almost the same company. (Both are located under BBK Electronics)

djwice I saw something like this once, and I thought it was an (automatic) update URL from the manufacturer that loads automatically when the terminals start up. So the likelihood of it being a malware download is fortunately not high. This way they are quickly provided with new/updated/patched versions.

Good that you pointed that out! Sadly, it has been completely ignored. This causes a lack of interest and fatigue in reporting. Just keep reporting if you see anything weird, you’ve done a better job than many in my opinion!

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