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Netflix unveils 'Splinter Cell' series: Check out the first image here

Netflix unveils ‘Splinter Cell’ series: Check out the first image here

Netflix has already released a picture of the new Splinter Cell series it’s making.

Video game fans Tom Clay, splinter cellTake a first look at Netflix’s upcoming gaming-centric TV series this week. During the last day of Geeked Week, they focused on gaming movies, including this one.

The franchise was launched in 2002 when Ubisoft released the first game. Over time, protagonist Sam Fisher, a highly trained agent of a fictional black task force, has to complete multiple missions and fight against various villains.

new series
Netflix is ​​now working hard on a series based on games. As part of that, the first photo of Sam Fisher wearing night vision goggles on his head was released:

The series is developed by Derek Kolstad, who is also the creator John Wick وي– Franchise business.

splinter cell It has been in the business for some time. We know very little about the series so far, although it is known that each season should tell a story in its own right. We don’t know yet when the series will be shown.

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