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New sabotage of the omicron is responsible for one percent of infections

New sabotage of the omicron is responsible for one percent of infections


The new BA.2 subversion of the omikron variant of the coronavirus accounts for 1.1 percent of all coronavirus cases in Belgium. This is what virologist Piet Maes (KU Leuven) says.

Tom Le Bucksource: Belgian

The version contains some mutations identical to the BA.1 variant, which is the version of the omikron variant that we know so far, but also has some distinct differences. Therefore, it is considered a subversion and not a completely new variant.

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BA.2 was first detected in Belgium on December 26 last year, shortly after the discovery of the BA.1-omikron variant. So far, only a few cases have been registered, but recently BA.2 has been increasing. BA.2 is also on the rise in other countries, including India, for example. A third subversion of the variant, BA.3 was detected.

Whether subversion BA.2 is more or less pathogenic compared to delta is still difficult to estimate. More research is needed for that. “We can’t even say right now if it’s on the same line as the BA.1 variant of omikron,” says virologist Maes. It is not yet known if the vaccines work well against it. This also needs further investigation.”

According to the virologist, it is “not surprising” that viruses continue to mutate. “That’s exactly what viruses do.”

Meanwhile, the total number of Omi accidents has risen to about 90 percent of all cases. The delta variant still accounts for 10 percent of infections.

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