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Peter Vandenbett: "Kompany will not publicly underestimate her win over Standard" |  Jupiler Pro League

Peter Vandenbett: “Kompany will not publicly underestimate her win over Standard” | Jupiler Pro League

Anderlecht who received little to no praise after the win over Standard, the countless league defeat on Ghent, Beerschot’s malaise and Genk who was less powerful than expected. Peter Vandenbett again had enough material to analyze after match day eight.

Anderlecht made it unnecessarily sexy.

Anderlecht was heavily criticized after beating Standard for his winning method. But Vincent Kompany didn’t want to let this spoil the fun.

As a man of Anderlecht in heart and soul, Kompany knows how important beating the Standard is to the fans. It is not clear that Anderlecht will win in Liege, in the last 15 matches he has won only twice.

I don’t think the Company is suddenly any less romantic. But after that August stagnant month with that painful European exit against Vitesse, it became very clear to him from above that getting results was the priority between these two international periods.

Kompany was ordered to take the points very urgently, despite the difficult program.

So Kompany won’t publicly downplay his win over Standard and make comments. Although it was definitely doable. I suppose this will happen internally.

Anderlecht was heavily criticized after beating Standard for his winning method. But Vincent Kompany didn’t want to let this spoil the fun.

Anderlecht’s opening was good and strong. But then against 10 guys and later up to 9 guys, there was mediocre football.

Leaving all this space unused, sending many wrong passes. As a result, Standard was also able to keep walking and fighting for that tie. The criterion showed great mentality.

Anderlecht kept it unnecessarily exciting. At the same time, Anderlecht himself will say that, despite all this enthusiasm, Standard was not really serious.

Anderlecht is under fire for the way he, after beating Standard, is reminded of long and better times in Brussels. Greetings to the beautiful football after another defeat, at least they have more than that in the Nerbed.

“If Suzuki was called Onuachu, Genk had a problem yesterday”

Genk coach John van den Brum put 7 more players in the squad against STVV compared to the European match against Rapid Vienna.

Alternating is necessary, because Genk’s schedule is busy. Van den Broom, for example, started with a different midfield.

Genk was the better team and controlling STVV to make it clear. But almost nothing happened, especially in the first half.

This dominance is also a result of the choices the opponent’s coach makes: a low mass, a lot of people in it and trying to counter it. If Suzuki Onuachu is called, Genk will have trouble.

It was only through Heynen’s contribution that Genk began to play football more purposefully.

The difference was finally made by the great striker Paul Onwacho. Tremendous indeed, a great goal too. At that point, he proved that a double meter on artificial turf could work well if they had good feet.

I thought Genk’s victory was deserved in the end. In contrast to the Suzuki misses, which are referred to as some kind of pivotal moment, there are also two strides from Toma van Genk.

Sint-Truiden deserves credit for the organization and commitment. But it was the Genk layer that made it. To say that Genk can only change a lot of players and continue to play at a high level, I don’t think so.

“Last year Ghent counted one point lower and the house was on fire.”

I suppose defeat to KV Kortrijk and 16th place in the standings at KAA Gent is not entirely happy.

Early in the season, Ghent left his aspirations unspoken. But this was not what they were hoping for. Ghent seems to count one point more than a year ago, when the house caught fire in this period.

The coach is now called Vanhaezebrouck and he has a little more credit than his teammates who were there a year ago. Furthermore, Ghent won matches that had to be won. Specifically, the Europeans, reaching the group stage in the two conferences gave oxygen.

And of course Ghent has played much better football in many matches than the points harvest suggests. Only that wasn’t the case yesterday, before the break I thought Ghent was weak.

There are, of course, extenuating circumstances: Vadis, Holsager, DePoetry, and Combs apparently did not fit in.

If Gent loses the make-up match against Anderlecht on Thursday, he will have 10 points from the club after 8 days of matches. Then that 6-1 win feels like forever

Ghent certainly did not deserve to be defeated by KV Kortrijk yesterday. Gent equalized in the last stage, but this goal was canceled for offside. Vanheisbroek spoke of a fatal VAR error.

Half a minute ago, Vanheysbroek saw that a player from KV Kortrijk had hit the ball and that a different phase then began. I informed myself a little and according to specialists this is not so. The goal was right, according to these specialists.

Anyway: Ghent is now 10 points behind Club Brugge. They now have a make-up match at Anderlecht on Thursday. But if your team loses that match as well, you are already 1 street behind Club Brugge after 8 matches days. Then that 6-1 win over the club feels like forever.

“Berchot slipping since December of last year”

The malaise at Berchot is not returning this season. This expulsion of Peter Mays is now typical of football again. They say in Birchot “1 of 21, then we have to do something”. Then of course you put the coach outside.

Reportedly, Peter Mays was in the “old school” business. I don’t know if they found out this season. Peter Maes has been a top coach since forever and has been working the same way forever.

It looks like the guys had to walk a lot during the week, which made them a little tired on the weekend. In the summer, Peter Mays was still the right man in the right place. Everyone knows how it works, so it doesn’t make sense to me.

Apparently there was also a problem with his assistants, they were not working.

Reportedly, Peter Mays was in the “old school” business. Did they only discover this now in Biershot? Peter Maes has been a coach of the highest caliber forever.

The truth is that Bearshot has already started to slide since December of last year. This was still under the rule of Losada, who soon chose whites for his American pennies. Then it will still come.

Gradually, both the scene and the results disappeared. Beerschot combined these two cases in the first two months of last season.

But since the day of Sinterklaas, the defeat to Eupen, Beerschot lost 11 of his 20 matches last season. Now they lose 7 of their 8 matches, and those numbers will be royally down.

I honestly thought a few weeks ago after that undeserved home defeat to Standard that things would quickly go in the right direction. But unfortunately I’m not so sure about that now.

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