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Tessa Woolaert wins 100th place tomorrow: 'We'll only have fun if we win' |  red flame

Tessa Woolaert wins 100th place tomorrow: ‘We’ll only have fun if we win’ | red flame

The Red Flame plays its second match in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday, and it will be a special match for Tessa Wallart, as the striker will play her 100th international match. “We have something to correct after the draw against Poland,” she remains focused.

The numbers Tessa Wallart can bring to the Red Flames is a penalty: 50 goals in 99 internationals and there could be more on Tuesday in the anniversary match against lowly Albania.

“I’ll only be able to enjoy it if we get the three points. There are no excuses, we’ll win. After the draw against Poland, we have something to correct. I hope everyone realizes that,” Walert focused.

“We have to show more courage. This is definitely something to work on. We also have to dare to be a bit sharper. I’m in favor of interfering with training. You play the way you train.”

“It’s been a while since we last played against Albania, but we know we have a lot of qualities. We have to achieve it. It’s been a while since we won with a high score. I hope so tomorrow. Although the most important thing is that we get 3 points.”

National coach Cernelles: “Everyone trained very hard”

Leuven is the setting for this week’s World Cycling Championships, so the Red Flames can take part again at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. “We are definitely happy with that, because there will also be fans again. We’ve already played some practice matches, it’s a familiar ground for us,” says Ives Cernells.

What does the national coach know about Albania? “Compared to our last meeting, they have some additional qualities. In the duels they are very sharp, sometimes on the edge. We have to be prepared for that,” it seems.

“We will also have to be strong in duels and play more of our football. That will be important. Everyone has trained hard. We should get this total tomorrow.”

“The goal is to get the three points. If we play better than in Poland, we have to play a good game and hopefully we can win by a few goals.”

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