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QSuite: The best business class in the world?  |  trip report

QSuite: The best business class in the world? | trip report

Qatar Airways’ QSuite has been recognized as the world’s best business class for several years. The Boeing 777 aircraft on the route between Schiphol and Doha are also equipped with these luxurious suites. up in the sky He flew in the most promising cabin from Amsterdam to Doha and back.

to check in

On the afternoon of Thursday 18th November we queue to check in in Schiphol. Spread across the long line are several groups of Max Verstappen fans, all dressed in orange. The first Formula 1 Grand Prix will take place in Qatar this weekend.

Tourist trips to Qatar have been possible again under certain conditions since the summer of 2021. Travelers must be fully vaccinated and pass a negative PCR test in the days leading up to the trip. All proof and relevant data must be uploaded no later than twelve hours before departure to Ehteraz, the Qatari digital system that handles all entry checks and QR codes. Everyone creates complete paperwork of about ten A4 pages. Despite the priority queue set up for business class passengers, check-in still takes about fifty minutes.

Note: For now Temporarily more difficult Travel to Qatar because the Netherlands is on Qatar’s red list. Temporarily fully vaccinated travelers, in addition to a negative PCR test at least 72 hours prior to arrival, must be placed in hotel quarantine upon arrival (maximum two days) until a new negative PCR test is performed.


Once we pass the check-in, we can go to the Aspire Lounge in Schiphol. Not an unpleasant place to spend time as an aviation fan. The view of Gates D and E is nice and there are many seats by the window. Good coffee is also available. Heineken beer taps (alcoholic and 0.0) are a great addition. On the other hand, the buffet is not extensive and leaves much to be desired in terms of presentation.


Once you get on board, a Boeing 777-300ER in radiant white, the reception was pleasant. What immediately stands out is the space and convenience that QSuite offers. The private cabin immediately feels like a private and quiet place.

The different crew members come in advance to have a short conversation about the expected route of the flight and indicate what awaits: blanket, pillows, entertainment system, and healthy kit A well-known business class bag. To the left of the chair is a handy compartment containing a water bottle, waste bag, and noise-canceling headphones. The menu is also discussed and a drink is served. Orange juice is freshly squeezed.

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Once you leave, the ride is very calm and relaxing. What is striking is the early dinner, which usually begins in various stages from around 4:30 pm. To be fair, it’s 6:30pm in Qatar already, and there’s no problem putting food off until later. There are plenty of options and there is something for both meat and fish lovers and vegetarians. The tiramisu is a must for dessert.

The in-flight entertainment system is a really big plus. The collection of movies, TV series, and audiobooks is quite large and spreads in many different categories. In terms of Hollywood movies, you can choose from a variety of recently released movies and classics. The system can be easily controlled from the seat using a remote control that can be removed to the left of the seat. The big screen is also simple touch screen.

Internet on board

What could be a little better is the onboard WiFi display. Business Class passengers get one hour of free Wi-Fi on board the 777. For an extra ten dollars, you can also use the internet during the rest of the flight. Call quality is also better than expected, although it drops occasionally in some areas. The email and app continue to send without any issues, although sending the photo takes noticeably longer.

However, the free unlimited Wi-Fi fits best in the QSuite picture, and as with other carriers, it’s room for improvement. Rival airline Emirates offers full free use of WhatsApp for Skywards members, but the connection is sometimes less stable there. However, the offer of unlimited connectivity, without the hassle of buying more, can benefit from QSuite’s status as the “world’s best business class”.


chair (9/10)
The chair is very comfortable and can be adjusted in several ways according to personal preferences. The chair is especially comfortable when the back is slightly tilted. Of course this is also possible whole apartment. So there is enough room for people up to 1.90m in body height, but for people of taller stature, it can feel a bit cramped.

There is plenty of space on the sides of the chair. The space contains several practical storage compartments and a nice wide table. A pair of shoes and a well-stocked laptop bag can easily be placed next to the chair. The backrests and additional side compartment are adjustable so that you can adjust a comfortable height for each seat position.

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Seats are in a 1:2:1 configuration, giving all passengers direct access to the aisle. For passengers traveling alone, the QSuite window seats are very suitable. However, with the middle divisions in business class, Qatar Airways focuses on groups of passengers (businessmen). For example, two passengers can discuss side by side and the partition can also be opened if necessary, making it possible to consult with four people. The middle section also has an advantage for non-business travelers: it can be converted into a double bed.

Service (9.5/10)
The service on board is excellent. The crew is very friendly, professional, helpful and spontaneous. In terms of refreshments, the drinks stand out in particular: the presentation is great and the quality is excellent. Diversity in different dishes reflects the taste of the food In general, less is definitely better in airplanes.

Space (9/10)
In terms of space, QSuite is well put together. with wing In itself Qatar Airways really sets standards for business classes from other airlines around the world. The secluded space concept provides added comfort and offers a serene and relaxing experience: a private setting at 38000 feet.


From QSuite van Qatar Airways It is a very good business class, and it outperforms most alternatives. From the moment you board the taxi in Doha, comfort is key, and knowing having your own ‘cabin’ for the round trip makes this trip In itself It is already part of the journey we are looking forward to.

What can be noticed upon your arrival in Qatar is the huge amount of new construction projects. Despite the fact that the history of the country is at least fourteen centuries, in Doha it seems as if the country is being reborn as you watch it. This revolutionary development will play a central role in the next part of this travel, in Doha as a travel or transit destination, which will be published in a few weeks.