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Rumor: Apple Adds Generative AI to Siri, Xcode, and Keynote – IT Pro – News

Apple is integrating its main language model into digital assistant Siri, developer software Xcode and programs like Pages and Keynote, claims financial news agency Bloomberg.

A smarter version of Siri should appear next year Bloomberg author Mark Gurman reports in his newsletter. Apple is integrating features later than competitors like Google and Microsoft because the company wasn’t prepared for the rapid advances in generative AI in the past year. It was Google and Microsoft that allowed them to integrate technology into their applications and services much faster.

Apple is still considering whether each AI function must work locally or whether certain functions will require an Internet connection. The advantage of on-premises AI was that it was faster and more privacy-friendly, but the cloud version ensured Apple could update functionality or introduce new capabilities more quickly. Rival Google, among others, has opted for a hybrid model for its Pixel 8 phones, where some functions can be performed locally and others require an Internet connection.

Generative AI in Xcode should be able to complete code, while AI in Pages and Keynotes should help users write and create presentations by offering suggestions in advance. This is similar to how Google and Microsoft services work. According to the same author, Apple has been working on a major language model of its own since this summer.

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