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Samsung recruits Vanilla Ice to fight global warming

Samsung has turned to Vanilla Ice in the fight against global warming. Our freezers are asked to be set one notch warmer.

Through this initiative, the South Korean manufacturer wants to contribute more to slowing the warming of our climate. Rapper Vanilla Ice was a hit in 1990 with Ice Ice Baby. The song has been updated to “Reduce Your Ice, Ice, Baby” for the occasion. Samsung also does this for commercial reasons, of course, because the brand is putting its new made-to-order refrigerators in the spotlight.

“Put the freeze down, and I’ll glow. Jus first class, turn up the heat like vandal, climate friendly, wax the wood like a candle,” Vanilla Ice in de vermakelijke’s video.

Vanilla Ice and Science

Of course, this does not mean that Samsung has not done its homework. The tech giant has conducted a study on global warming using data from the European Commission. If every European family wanted to increase their freezer temperature by one, that could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than a million tons per year. According to Samsung, this equates to 217,000 passenger cars driving around for a year, or the annual energy consumption of 120,000 households.

While Samsung and Vanilla Ice convince you to try adjusting the temperature, the devices have a recommended setting of -17°C. Specifically, Samsung is promoting the new Bespoke Regrigerator, a refrigerator with a modular design and interchangeable panels in 14 different colors. According to South Koreans, the design can help reduce waste because you will be able to upgrade your refrigerator without having to replace it entirely. It remains to be seen if this will work in practice.

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