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Solar Energy Magazine - Stroumnet Almere is full, there is no room for new homes

Solar Energy Magazine – Stroumnet Almere is full, there is no room for new homes

According to the municipality, new businesses and social facilities in the city will have to wait until 2029 before they receive electricity. The municipality speaks of a catastrophic development and says that if a solution is not found quickly, housing construction goals, economic activity and sustainability ambitions will be jeopardized.

In Flevoland there is network congestion on TenneT’s high voltage network. Grid congestion means that there is not enough transmission capacity on the electricity grid. In Flevoland this applies to the purchase and return of electricity. Last month, TenneT published a congestion study into the potential additional space on the electricity grid. The conclusion was that no additional space would be available from 2026.

However, TenneT and Liander recently informed the municipality that for a large part of Almere, the service area of ​​the “Almere” substation, there is no longer immediately space to connect new homes to the electricity grid. The situation is therefore worse than previously reported.

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“We are shocked and in disbelief,” said council member Alexander Sprung, noting that the development of the city of Almere was in danger of stopping completely. “The city is disproportionately affected by this situation. The situation appears to be more serious and severe than first indicated by grid operators. The development of Almere will be halted if grid congestion is not resolved quickly. New companies or companies that have moved and canceled their connection can no longer be connected to the electricity grid.” Now that housing construction has also been affected, Almir is facing a very big problem. This is an unacceptable situation and we must raise the level of the government and TenneT as soon as possible. Until the electricity grid is expanded, the “unconventional” measures announced by outgoing Minister Çeten and the The new “external affairs” is necessary to bridge the period until 2029 as best as possible.

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The solution to “grid congestion” is to expand the electricity grid with TenneT. By replacing and installing 4 transformers at the 380 kV stations in Lelystad, Brooklyn, Dudewaard and Doetinchem, grid congestion on the high voltage network in these counties will be resolved in 2029.