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Sesame: "These are matches where I have to look for real space"

Sesame: “These are matches where I have to look for real space”

After Feyenoord’s 0-0 draw against FC Twente, the question is how far Rotterdam should take this score. It is often stated that much less was expected of this season than Feyenoord is currently offering. However, Guus Til doesn’t want to know anything about him.

He began his conversation with: “I think disappointment is dominant.” RTV Rijnmond. “Practically I was at the top. We shouldn’t look where we came from, but where we should go. I think it makes sense to be disappointed.” What if Chance to Lead is a topic within the Players Pool? “A theme? It was just a fact. This generates motivation. Which is why it’s so sad to leave the dots here.”

Til didn’t have a good feeling about the match itself either. “It reminded me a little bit of Sparta, only we’ve had more chances in this match than then. The problem is it’s stayed the same for too long and we don’t score. Then they can keep doing the same thing, defending, and that’s just something they’re good at.” Thiel was satisfied with Feyenoord’s defensive work and was particularly disappointed that no more was created. “But it turns out that it is difficult for any team to play behind the ball with scores.”

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Sesame himself is also discussed a bit in his Enschede. “This type of match is difficult for me, when there are ten games behind the ball,” he explained. “Often these are games where I have to look for space. If you stumble you will not be in front of the goal, if you stay in the middle and the ball does not come in, you will not get much into the game. That is a trade-off you have to make.”

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